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How to play it?

Mystery Spaces is an augmented-reality mobile app that brings urban places to life. Become an urban explorer and discover the mystery of abandoned public infrastructure, secret tunnels, bridges, architectural landmarks and rooftops. Navigate through the unknown, forgotten, and underappreciated public spaces. Document their daily lives and share them with the rest of the world. Discover what architecture guides can't tell you!

From the urban aficionados at TUTS (, the Tremont Underground Theater Space--a design initiative combining art, media and urban guerrilla culture.


Discover interconnected mystery points through hidden clues. Using your smart phone or tablet, spot the portal and use the key to unlock the keyhole using clues. Follow multiple routes and visit a couple mystery points, or enter this augmented reality environment at multiple portals scattered around the city. You don’t even have to look for portals--just tune into the Mystery Spaces app or layer and it will announce when one is near.


Multiple routes link the origination point (Portal) and the destination Mystery Point. Experience Mystery Spaces in many ways, each time learning something new about the city.


Mystery Spaces: The game

Mystery Spaces is an augmented-reality environment that lets anyone explore unknown, forgotten, and underappreciated spaces of the city. As an interactive, locative (context-aware) app for urban adventures, Mystery Spaces makes the secrets of a city come alive. As a game, it gives a new edge to scavenger hunts or geocaching activities. It can be a multiplayer, location-based online game or just used to discover mysteries in your city.

Mystery Spaces are not easy to find. You'll need to look hard--there are puzzles to solve and hidden clues to track down. Are you up to the challenge?


Look for portals

The best place to start your urban exploration is at a Mystery Spaces portal--a central spot near many mystery spaces that is visible on your smart phone or internet-connected tablet when using the Mystery Spaces app. (Make sure your GPS is on!) Look for a blue swirl icon (image to the left). The portal icon is always visible from a distance. When you are close, you will hear an announcement that you are in the portal zone. Look for a key--you'll need it to access clues and hints that will help you find mystery spaces.

Find the key

Keys are slightly harder to find: they're only visible when you point your mobile device at the right spot. When the camera view aligns with the key's location, the key appears on your screen with menu buttons and instructions. (image to the left)

Discover the mysteries!

Keys lead to two or three mystery spaces--once you find one, other hidden locations will appear. You can proceed in any sequence, passing though a different mystery spaces every time. This means that you can come back and play again--the game will be new every time!


Make your own game

Perhaps your group of urban explorers will split into teams, each taking a different route and meeting at an unknown location later in a day. Feeling competitive? Challenge your friends! Collect as many Experience Points (XP's) as you can by emailing sreenshots of the locations you visit. Compare scores for bragging rights! You can also comment on the Mystery Spaces blog accessible from the submenu of the app.

Build a mystery

Know a good mystery space that should be shared? You can build your own augmented-reality Mystery Space. Submit new locations for the Mystery Spaces app, and accumulate discoverer points (DP). If you choose, you will be recognized for your discovery in the Mystery Spaces app, and you'll be famous!

Want to contribute?

Send locations with a strong evocative character--places you appreciate and feel that others would appreciate, too. Share unusual and ephemeral snapshots of everyday urban life; interesting graffiti, street performances, or even romantic hide-aways, and tell us what caught your eye!

If you are in the hurry

Need a quick Mystery Spaces fix? Skip the clues (and the fun) and access the map view at the bottom left corner  what's around. Keep in mind that there may be points that are missing from the map: after all, you are playing Mystery Spaces!